Damage to your teeth can occur due to a wide number of reasons including age related ‘wear and tear’, decay or injury. Crowns are a great treatment option when only a small amount of tooth tissue remains. A crown completely covers the tooth, acting like a superior casing for the tooth, giving it more structure and support.


A bridge can be an effective solution to ‘bridge’ the gap left in your smile due to tooth loss. There are various types of crowns and bridges, ranging in their materials, but nevertheless they are a great way to replace missing teeth, restore your smile, rebuild your confidence, and improve the function to eat and chew.


Veneer treatment is a great way to boost your confidence and get back your smile! Generally, Veneers are carried out to cover up unsightly, discoloured or cracked teeth, but can also act as a way of improving the appearance of crooked teeth. The treatment time is minimal and is a two-stage process. On the first appointment, we minimally  prepare your tooth to make enough room for the veneer without altering the way you bite, and then take impressions. This then gets sent to our team of highly skilled GDC registered dental technicians where your custom-made Veneer is produced. The second stage is where we fit the veneer onto your prepared tooth.

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